▶ Hello!

I’m Vie, real name Jam, and I’m a computer science/mathematics student from the University of British Columbia. I’m also a mentor/executive member of the UBC CTF team, Maple Bacon, where I help with managerial duties and provide educational resources to those new to the CTF scene - particularly in web application and network security.

Some of my other interests include, but are not limited to: statistics, art history, earth sciences, and physics. Outside of computer security competitions, I utilize my skills in mathematics and computer science combined with my artistic talent to create projects carrying technology to a wider audience.

I have a desire to understand what mystery obscures us from, and a hope to use my skills to create an accessible space for others to learn and understand the beautiful complexities of the world around us, and to keep us safe in a growing digitally-omnipresent era.

▶ Skillset

As mentioned previously, I excel in web application and network security exploits - most of my writeups and blog posts are about this topic. Nonetheless, in the world of security I consider myself a learning student in cryptography and reverse engineering, skills I hope to develop in the future.

From a technical perspective, my skillset is varied and encompasses several topics - from linear programming to algorithm analysis. With an eye for detail, I excel at improving program architecture, with a thorough knowledge on how to implement unique security solutions given my ethical hacking background. I like to see the beauty in math, and I can bring to the table techniques and tools forged through my mathematics courses to optimize the efficiency of any codebase or project I’m placed on.


How did you start getting into CTFs?

I was always interested in cybersecurity, yet unfortunately I wasn’t exposed to it much during my early years in my degree. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine mentioned DEF CON - the “world series” of CTF competitions - that my interest in cybersecurity really blossomed. I set a goal for myself to prepare and develop my ethical hacking skills to one day participate in DEF CON myself. Hopefully, that will be achieved sometime in my lifetime!

Why web exploits?

It occurred naturally - when I began training for CTFs, I noticed I was solving web-based training problems far faster than the other categories. In real CTFs, my team came to associate me with the web category. The rest is history.

I want to get into CTFs!

Check out Maple Bacon’s site for more information on getting started! If you’re a UBC student as well, consider joining us and drop us a line!

What is the origin of ‘Vie’?

I misspelled my name once and it stuck. :P

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